A 1824 and taking a knife from her pocket, she opened a vein in her little arm, and dipping a feather in the blood, wrote something on a piece of white cloth, which was spread before her.
B 1842 And those who remained at home had been heavily taxed to pay for the arms, ammunition; fortifications, and all the other endless expenses of a war.
C 1860 and though he saw her within reach of his arm, yet the light of her eyes seemed as far off as that of a
D 1953 It stood behind a high brick wall, its back windows overlooking an arm of the sea which, at low tide, was a black and stinking mud-flat
E 1975 twelve miles of coastline lies in the southwest on the Gulf of Aqaba, an arm of the Red Sea. The city of Aqaba, the only port, plays.
F 1985 when the disembodied arm of the Statue of Liberty jets spectacularly out of the sandy beach.